Have you ever seen Yeti on the beach?

It is so unique as your vacations with us. YETI exclusive brings you special conection. Combined luxury and experience in unique package, that will touch to all your senses. Let yourself being pampered with offer, which Yeti was prepared and choose your own experience...

23 990 € / 2 persons
Step into a world that ancient legends regarded as the true Garden of Eden. Enjoy a magic fairy tale all your own…
10 990 € / person
Water, wood, fire, earth, metal … Five mighty elements … But there is one more—magically strong … It is YOU. Discover yourself and pamper your body and soul.
21 990 € / 2 persons
A deep look into your eyes. A scorching touch. A passionate kiss full of mutual love. All this in a beautiful tropical paradise ...
14 990 € / person *
Close your eyes and let yourself be pampered by a perfect harmony of ancient civilization and modern luxury. The sea breeze carrying a breath of traditional Chinese culture will make a new person out of you...
00 / 2 persons
Unique "Heard of the ocean" cooming soon ...

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